Thursday, March 5, 2009

Free Sample of Tea Every Month!

I have just signed up for the Free Tea Club at the Tropical Tea Company and will hopefully enjoy receiving a different tea sample every month.

I never knew tea could be so exotic; I am not a tea connoisseur but I am familiar with black tea, green, herbal, rooibos and oolong tea but did you know that you could also get coconut tea, pineapple tea, tutti frutti, bumbleberry and a whole lot of different varieties of tea?

This month's tea is Pomegranate Hibiscus Green Tea so I expect that's the free sample they are sending out this month; I can't wait to ingest all those free antioxidants!

Here's a link to the Tropical Tea Company's website where you can join the Free Tea Club:
Tropical Tea Company

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Getting the Most From Online Giveaways

By Fraser A. Hay

Companies are offering everything from a free pack of gum or hot chocolate to a free Sony Playstation or free trip rip to Mexico. All you have to do is provide some information and answer some questions and you then receive your free stuff, or an entry into a draw to win.

There are some important steps you should take to ensure you maximize your rewards from online giveaways, and ease the burden. Below are 5 steps to make receiving online rewards easier, and more effective.

Dedicated Email

Before you start, you should create a free hotmail, gmail or yahoo email account, that will be strictly for your giveaway information sign-ups. This will eliminate your main email getting clogged up. But do keep in mind you should not use this email for website newsletters, as they hold valuable information that you do not want to lose amongst many emails.

Proper Information

Always use your proper information for sign-ups. This is very important as they need this to supply you with your freebie, free sample, or further information. You would hate to win a playstation, only to be disqualified due to improper information.

Stay Focused - Sign up to many

Don't just sign up for one offer or contest. Stay focused and sign up to as many as possible to reap your rewards. If it's a freebie or free sample giveaway, sign up for all you find, if its an enter to win contest, the more contests you enter, the better your chances.

Website Newsletters

These if you can believe it, are the ultimate freebie, and time saver. I recommend signing up to all of them, as you can always opt out if it is bothersome to you. These offer the latest in giveaways and offers and contests right to your inbox, which in the end saves you a load of time. Also I would recommend you always use your regular email for these.

Keep a Spreadsheet

I know this sounds like too much work, but you will stay more focused and excited if you keep track of offers you have signed up for. Then you will know what freebies, or free samples are coming. It does not need to be anything professional, it could be on a sheet of paper beside your computer.

Always remember, the more you participate the more you will get!

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Fraser Hay is the owner/webmaster for, a site offering links and information on Free Samples, Free Trial offer, paid surveys and Contest Giveaways. Visit to learn more.
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Sunday, February 17, 2008

5 More Disney World Freebies - And Where To Find Them!

By Anne Marie Hayes

Epcot is one of the best parks at Disney World. It's got it all - thrilling rides like "Soarin'" & "Mission Space", fabulous attractions like "Ellen's Great Energy Adventure," unbelievable shows like "Turtle Talk with Crush" and even an opportunity to circle the globe in the World Showcase. But the big secret is - it's also chock full of great Disney freebies!
Here's a list of 5 activities, crafts, and snacks you can get for free - with directions on where to find them.

1. A Lanyard Full of Charms that Kids can Decorate Themselves.

Sharpie sponsors the 6 Kidcot stations in Future World. You can pick up a lanyard (necklace) at any of them. Visit them all to collect the different charms with fun themes like Kim Possible. Color them to make them unique.

Locations: All stations are located in Future World:

1. Innoventions East - near the entrance 2. Innoventions West - near the entrance 3. The Seas with Nemo and Friends - lower level 4. The Land - on the top level near "The Circle of Life" 5. Test Track - in the gift shop after you exit the ride 6. Imagination! - after the ride

2. Personalized Plastic Robot

This is very cool! First you build your own virtual robot and race it against other guests' robots using the properties of plastic to give you an edge.

Then you choose the parts and colors you like and create your own real plastic robot to take home with you. This robot stands about 7 inches tall - with movable limbs!

Location: In Future World's "Innoventions East" at "Fantastic Plastic Works"

3. Chef's Hat & Toll House Cookie

Nestle sponsors the Junior Chef Program where kids learn to follow a recipe and bake real Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies. When they're fully baked, they get to sample the cookies they made. And - if that's not enough - they also get to keep their chef's hat!

Note: This program is available for children aged 3-10.

They must sign-up for this in advance and book a time. The groups are very small so get there early.

Location: In Future World's "The Land" on the lower level near "Living with the Land."

4. Need a Drink to Go with that Free Cookie? How about free soda?

This chill zone called "Club Cool" is sponsored by Coca Cola and features samples of beverages they sell around the world. It's self-served and you can drink as much as you like. Some are yummy and refreshing. Others are ... well - find out for yourself!

Location: In Future World past the Epcot Character Spot.

5. A Mask with Charms to Attach and Decorate

Pick up a mask at any country in the World Showcase, and then add a different charm at each additional country you visit. Spend some time and personalize the mask and charms with the Sharpie markers that are provided.

At the China pavilion, you can learn your birth sign (according to the Chinese calendar) and how to write your name in Chinese.

Tip: If you collect all 11 charms, you get a special bonus!

Location: In the World Showcase.


About the Author
Anne Marie Hayes is the author of "Disney World Deals." She loves visiting Orlando, exploring the theme parks and discovering Disney (and other) Secrets with her husband Al, daughter Emily and nephew Robbie. Her mission is to help families realize their Disney Dreams. Visit her at
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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Free Iphones

By Trevor Murrow

You see these sites everywhere these days. You know the ones that target people who want to try getting a free iPhone. Do these sites really work and if so, how do they work?

The simple truth is yes and no. Let me clarify.

There are two types of sites that target people who want to try getting a free iPhone. The first site is the one that never gives away anything even though they advertise that they will. These sites basically bank on the fact that there really is no law online and there is nothing that can be done even though they are blatantly false advertising.

They simply believe they will get lost in the advertising pool and in general they do and get away with it.

The second site is the legitimate advertiser that has learned how to effectively run advertising campaigns that actually do give you a chance of getting a free iPhone. These professionals have learned that attracting people looking to get something they consider very cool for free and then taking the opportunity to present other things they are trying can be very effective.

These sites understand that presenting the right type of advertising in conjunction with a great give away can not only cover the cost of the free item but yield a profit and increase their market exposure online.

Knowing these two different types of sites, how they work and what to look for can be the difference between a successful freebie hunt and a complete waste of ones time. Luckily there is some great information online to help you identify the difference between the two different types of sites and exactly what to do when you identify site where you actually do have a chance of getting a free iPhone, gaming console, gift card or any number of other cool things.

Once you learn about the great offers available to you and start using them yourself it makes it easy to show your friends and family what you are doing. They in turn can get some cool free stuff as well.

Advertisers are banking on this word of mouth advertising resulting from their give aways because it brings more visitors to their site and increases the opportunity that they will also generate sales of their own products.

If you understand how it works and what to look for then you also understand why it makes sense for a company to give things away. The key to selling anything online is by getting as many people as possible to visit your website. Companies can do this by spending money on advertising or by offering a way of getting something for free and let the people who got the freebies spread the word for them.

If you got a free iPhone from a website then you would no doubt tell everyone you know about that site. If you helped spread the word out to 1000 people about the site where you got your freebie then the cost of that advertising was actually very cheap for the company.

Unless of course you run into one of the scam sites that gets their visitors by free for falsely advertising a give away.

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Trevor Murrow is the leading guru on getting expensive free stuff. To learn more about how to get free stuff on your own, visit
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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Getting Free Stuffs, Samples and Coupons on the Internet

by Raye

Guess almost everybody likes to receive free stuffs, samples and coupons on the Internet. If you could save an extra dollar, why not? Right?
Now what baffles most people is why companies are giving away free samples. There are many reasons one of them is because sometimes for a consumable product it is a good way of convincing the public to try it risk free. If the product is good and we have a buying consumer, we have a winner product.

Sometimes for example, they might provide you with a free pen in hopes that once you enjoy and get use to the pen you will continue using their products by purchasing their refillable ink. This will provide the companies with recurring incomes.

Others are just to extend their market reach with good surveys along with their freebies to study and research the market. And it is often that the free stuff seeker is required to enter their email, zip or personal details, complete a survey and verify their data. Well all in the name of research and follow ups.

To the free stuff seeker what does this mean? Actually it is quite beneficial.

Now why is that so? Today there is no lack of products, almost everyday thousands of new products hit the retail shelves but the consumers' pockets are only so deep. How many can one buy or try? When companies provide free stuffs, samples and coupons, it provides common salary folk like to us an opportunity to try different products without having to pay.

So the question why don't we attempt the survey? To be frank often people do. In fact sometimes people just go to Gmail or Hotmail to create a dummy account and get the free stuffs, samples and coupons. Often these offers are great deals, get a case of 24 Rockstar Energy Drink totally free, free Revlon Dark Pleasures Nail Colors four bottles, totally brand new Clorox Ready Mop, $500 Sears Gift Cards etc. You do get to save quite a bit of money just by sourcing for great deals or free stuffs, samples, and coupons on the internet.

There are also times when free stuffs, samples, coupons are just offered without any catch or provision of personal details. Mostly these companies are trying to get their brand out. So there if you would like to try different products and would like to try them for free surf around. Nowadays there are many free offers around. However, do beware of scam or frauds that ask for your credit card or bank information just for a free sample. If that happen it is usually a warning signal for you to just click away from that website unless it is for a free trial.

If it happens to be a free trial offer and you would very much like to try the product what do you do? It would be best to provide the needed information and after you have tried the product for about a week and you do not like it, call the company and end the auto shipment registered during the trial registration. Hope you understand a little more about getting free stuffs, samples and coupons online. Enjoy surfing and enjoy great savings along the way.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Freebie List

If you are looking for great links to freebies with detailed descritions of what you can get, visit Freebie List.

This website will bring you places you have never been before, with a page for free jokes freebies, one for samples, and even one page containing over 20 links for free web space and hosting services!

Freebie List is another website worth bookmarking.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Free Sample Forager

Free magazines, free coffee, even a free wax kit! This Freebie blog is being updated every single day with at least 3 or 4 new freebies so I think it is useful to subscribe to their feed so you won't miss out on great offers.

Free Sample Forager's offers are aimed mainly at U.S. residents but I spotted some interesting freebies as well on their site available to people living in Canada, the U.K. and Australia.